Hanoi Notary Office

Established in 2008, Hanoi Notary Office is the first notary office established in Hanoi since the notary law published, operated under the model of a collective name Notary Office with many notaries. Hanoi Notary Office is constantly growing to become one of the most prestigious Notary Office in Vietnam.

With a team of staff with in-depth legal knowledge, well-selected and well-trained, Hanoi Notary Office Hanoi always gives customers the most PROFESSIONAL, SAFE and CONVENIENT notarization service.

The advantage of Hanoi Notary Office is to provide notarization services professionally based on a deep understanding of the legal system and flexible application in practice. The most competitive notary  service remuneration. In addition, Hanoi Notary Office provides customers with support services such as: Appraisal of the legal status of real estate, free legal advice, notarization outside the office, after working hours, return of documents to customer’s house … in order to provide services safely, quickly, conveniently and to ensure optimal benefits of customers when using services at Hanoi Notary Office.

Effort, dynamism and creativity with the motto of serving customers ” Fast – Accuracy – Flexibility” Hanoi Notary Office has been chosen by thousands of businesses and people as a reliable notary location in the capital.


Become the most prestigious and professional Notary Office in Vietnam.


– To better meet the notarization needs of people and businesses by focusing on service quality, ensuring maximum legal rights and interests of customers.

– Building the best working environment for employees with many opportunities to promote their own capabilities, contribute value and create successful careers.

* Core values:

Hanoi Notary Office with the following core values ​​aims to create a solid foundation and framework for the organization. Business cultural values ​​will be built and contribute to the cohesion of a united team, helping the Office to achieve its operational goals and sustainable development:

– Do our best for customers and the development of the organization.

– Respect professional ethics and social and community responsibilities.

– Scientific, methodical and professional activities.

– Building a spirit of solidarity and attachment, creating a friendly and civilized working environment.


Head office: Villa 238 Hoang Ngan, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh urban area, Hanoi

Tel: (84-24) 6252 8888/3556 1262         Dial 12 – 17 – 18

Hotline: 0965 160 918 | 0965 160 857 | 0965 160 050 | 0966 186 983

Email: info@congchunghanoi.com.vn

Website: congchunghanoi.com.vn